She does not come on command when we call her. How to improve your dog's lifespan and keep it from getting overly heavy with a healthy and nutritious diet. The problem with buying a cross bred dog is that only back yard breeders cross breed dogs. • Privacy Policy, Finding a Cavachon Breeder: Some Questions to Ask, How to Groom Your Cavachon: Haircuts and Combing. Thx!! MENU ... and are an ideal choice of dog if you live in an apartment or small house where space is a problem. They are tolerant, accepting, quiet and gentle, just opposite to other aggressive guard/watch dogs, and ideal for apartment life. This means that they are correctly referred to as a dog type rather than a dog breed, as there is no breed standard or formal authority in place to manage and oversee dogs of this type. You need to teach Quintin that biting people is not OK. Quintin is an adorable little boy but we have some behavior problems with him. Back yard breeders don't do any health testing because it costs money and erodes their profit margin. Ethical, reputable breeders do not cross breed. A surprisingly easy way to teach your dog cool new tricks. Whether a clever marketing ploy or based in fact, Gleneden Kennels in Berryville, Virginia, in the United States lays claim to being the first breeder of Cavachons, having established this hybrid in 1996. To start, Quintin likes to sleep a lot – I don’t know if that’s normal? They are friendly with other pets as well especially if they are raised together from an early age. The Cavachon is a cross-breed dog with mixed parentage, which means that they’re not a pedigree dog breed and are not eligible for Kennel Club registration. For instance, if a Cavachon feels threatened by strangers, he might growl at them. What can I say that would make him fall in love before meeting our new puppy?! The Cavapoo suffers from health problems such as congenital heart disease and slipping kneecaps. Some of the conditions most likely to affect the Cavachon include ear infections, heart murmur, eye problems, and flea allergies. Any advice on whether a male or female puppy might work best? We have a wonderful male cavachon, Oliver, who is 9 1/2 years old. The male Cavachon dog breed’s height is around 12 – 13 inches and weighs around 25 and 35 pounds. When he tries to bite, pull your hand away and yell, very sternly, “NO!”  If he continues, punish him by not playing or holding him any more. Visit Doglime for more information about dog breeds and their behavior. Puppies are alot of work and it can get frustrating! Next, as far as the biting goes, that is also normal for a puppy. They get along well with children. We have a King Charles Spaniel/Cavachon is nine months old. The Cavachon pup is a loving and adorable pup that will please you with his calm nature. For the potty training, again, there are many tips and ideas on the web site from other people who have had problems. Cavachon is suited in an apartment with minimal exercise. Don’t worry about it going overboard as it isn’t aggressive. Cavachons are widely popular both in the United States and in the UK. A healthy Cavachon who has been fed well and nurtured can live to be up to 15 to 18 years. Make sure he always has some kind of chew toy. I have Cavachon named Quintin he is about 9 weeks old. So, their interaction and playtime should always be supervised by an elder. After a few days, my eye started to kind of ooze an icky grayish gunk. They form a strong bond with their family and are very loyal to them. They are a cute and adorable little dog that has a mixed personality and temperament that is obtained from its parent breeds. Although harsh treatment and harsh environment can make them aggressive. Their vet checked and wormed up to date and micro chipped. Some of the common health problems that the Cavachon may have to contend with and which come from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise are ear infections, liver problems, hip dysplasia and eye problems. Lille, an 11 week old Cavachon, working hard on her Puppy PhD degree from Smiling Dog Pet Services. I have a stunning litter of cavachon puppies for sale. The separation anxiety and Small Dog Syndrome are the main behavioral issues to watch out for, though there are a few minor behaviors worth discouraging. The Cavachon (also known as the Bichalier) is a small cross breed dog. Do Cavachons Get Along with Cats in the Same House? If necessary to leave them for long periods, it's best to crate them to prevent destructive behavior, and to start crate-training them and teaching them how to be alone from a very young age. Since then, the popularity of this breed has risen tremendously. HI there my daughter was the same and although I was ok with getting a dog my wife was a bit on the negative side. Other Puppy Behavior Problems. You have to continue to teach him. Then, I started rubbing the eye with my paw and also would try to rub it on the carpet. Getting Pro help fast - how to get access to our expert trainers when you need them most. It got the affectionate, lively temperament of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and sweet, merry temperament of Bichon Frise. Cavachon thrives on its people love and attention. But they need a consistent and firm leadership otherwise, it will be hard to train them. Compared to other designer dogs, the Cavachon tend to suffer from fewer health problems. Yes, Cavachon is a very friendly dog towards children. Especially be sure to take him out as soon as he wakes up, after you are playing for any amount of time, right after he eats or drinks, or if you see him sniffing the floor. If they are not given proper attention and care, they become anxious, depressed, and destructive. Crate – invest in a crate that comes with the features perfect for an extra small dog. Even when Kasey was 2 1/2 months old he still slept quite a bit. There are several tips for this on the web site, as everyone with a new puppy goes through this. It helped that I had another dog that knew what he was doing. Teach your children to behave and handle dogs properly. The Cavachon at a glance. The Cavachon has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Perhaps you should take your dad to see a cavachon and hopefully he will fall in love with them to, Jasmine Replied:December 29th, 2015 at 1:57 am. The Cavachon Gets an A+ For Good Health A mixed genepool gives the Cavachon a health advantage over purebreds. However, eating too quickly can be an issue leading to digestive problems. Do use the tips given on dealing with annoying dog behaviors to address this problem. How to obedience train your Cavachon to permanently end behavioral problems like Jumping, Aggression, Pulling on Leash. Cavapoos are popular for so many reasons, it’s hard to know where to begin. We are going to add another cavachon puppy to our family. We discuss these in another section of this guide. Cavachons do not need complex diets and are relatively easy to keep in good nutritious health. Again, Quintin is still a puppy and learning. If he pees on the floor, immediately pick him up and take him outside and tell him he needs to go potty outside. If you are looking for a cuddling buddy, Cavachon is best for you but not if you are looking for a watchdog then it is not at all suited for you. Cavachon is not at all an aggressive dog but instead, they are of very friendly and loving nature. They also get along with other pets in the house but can become a bit jealous sometimes if they take all of their attention from its people. They are an excellent choice for a family who are looking for a small play companion or a lap dog. I am in the same position. Sometimes playtime can get aggressive or they don’t know what a reasonable reaction is to their behavior. Find out about training, behavior, and care of Cavachon dogs. They are likely to bark at strangers but because of their size, cannot be regarded as good guard dogs. Also she likes to chew towels/blanket that was in her crate. They do best in homes where someone will be home with them throughout the day. Any ideas to solve thiese problems. Their friendly nature towards stranger does not make them a great watchdog or a guard dog. In the end we went to a pet shop and they had a cavachon puppy there it was my wife that fell in love with him now Aflie has been with us for the last 4 months and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The Cavachon is a relatively new dog breed that originated in the United States in 1966, when a champion Cavalier King Charles male was bred with a Bichon Frise female by Century Farm Puppies in Iowa. However, they are at risk of genetic diseases such as: Joint problems: Hip dysplasia and Legg-Calve Perthes Disease; Heart conditions: Mitral Endocardiosis and Heart Murmur; Skin problems: Atopic dermatitis and flea allergies Then, when we pet him, he likes to bite our fingers too much. Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and vocal praises as the source of motivation. Our other dog scratched the door, bad habit but my cavachon just goes to the door and wines. Silver Paw, California; Foxglove Farm, Ohio The Cavalier has a propensity for many health issues, so the Cavachon might too. I’ve also heard it doesn’t make much of a difference…. Each day, this behavior increased. In many cases, crossbred dogs are less likely to develop congenital conditions than purebred dogs simply because the gene pool is much larger. And again, read the website as there are many ideas from others there. For Cavachon puppies, the recommended dimensions for a crate are 18-inch in length, 12-inch in width, and 14-inch in height. She does sleep a lot ,but thanks to your web site it put me at ease. One of the most common problems of Cavapoos is separation anxiety. Each day, this behavior increased. Cavachon Puppies for Sale. To start, Quintin likes to sleep a lot – I don’t know if that’s  normal? Health Problems: The Cavachon is generally healthy dog breed, but like all breeds, they can be prone to Ear Inflammation, Skin Problems, Sensitivity to flea bites, Cardiac disease, and Hip Dysplasia. "Cavachon" Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon Frise mixed dog breed information, including pictures, characteristics, and facts. Then, I started rubbing the eye with my paw and also would try to rub it on the carpet. You might even want to consider puppy obedience classes. To help maintain a healthy weight, it's best to stick to a feeding schedule and give them measured … Recently, one of my Cavachon eyes became a very red color. June 24, 2010. They like attention and thrive on playtime. "Describe the amount of chocolate, the type of chocolate and the timing," says Dr. Denise Petryk, director of veterinary services at Trupanion, and your vet can then tell you what to Cavachon Colors. Required fields are marked *. HELP!!! But what i did was talk too much about Cavis till he said yes! Amicable and fun-loving, they are also good with other dogs and cats, especially if socialized from an early age. Yeah, I know, gross. That’s why it’s important for you to teach them what is and isn’t okay to do. temperament of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. All these diseases could be the main cause of their short lives. Height Range: 30 to 39 cm (12 to 15 inches) Weight Range: 7 to 10kgs (16-22lbs) Temperament: … My other dog passed a few months ago and my cavachon is teaching the new puppy how to let us know when to go outside. They are gentle and loving but due to their small size, they can get hurt easily by small kids. The Cavachon dog is a beautiful blend of the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I’ve heard that it’s better when they’re not the same gender. Then, when we pet him, he likes to bite our fingers too much. I have Cavachon named Quintin he is about 9 weeks old. My dad is not going for it but i’m planning on putting in a ton of time of proving that I am responsible… But i need help proving to my parents that a Cavachon is the best choice for a dog. Key Breed FactsBreed CharacteristicsBreed HighlightsIntroductionHistoryAppearanceTemperamentIntelligence / TrainabilityChildren and Other PetsHealthCaring for a CavachonGroomingExerciseFeedingAverage Cost to keep/care for a CavachonBreed Specific Buying Advice Housetraining needs patience and consistency as well as positive reinforcement methods. These dogs are loyal and form strong bonds with family, particularly with one member, and they make great family pets. They love playing with kids and is very affectionate towards them. Like most dogs, they may have some behavior problems, some of which are breed related and other dog related. Provide them with a healthy diet and take them … She continues to lick the rug. Everyone noticed it and wondered what was up. The temperament and behavior of the Cavachon breed is friendly and playful. Their very outgoing puppies. Every single breed of dogs has the potential for some sort of genetic disease with some breeds being more prone than others. The temperament of the Cavachon is friendly, playful, and happy. They are not great guard dogs or even watchdogs due to their friendly nature towards strangers. Seizures. It originated in the 1990s in the… Skip to content. Cavachon is generally a healthy dog but it can inherent genetic health problems from its parent breeds. After a few days, my eye started to kind of ooze an icky grayish gunk. They just don’t know any better. About Cavachon Temperament, Behavior and Personality. What I like to know is how much to expect her to eat and how many times aday. Though he is a lively and playful breed, the Cavachon is not overly active – he would be completely content to spend the day lazing on the couch with you by his side. Lately she whines after we go to bed and we have to take her out two to three times after midnight. You can also talk to your vet for ideas. 9 weeks is very young and he probably has not been away from his mom & siblings for very long. We tried putting on the bed with us, but she pees as soon as she gets on the bed. When they are still with their mom and litter mates, that is how they “play” with each other – little bites. While buying and visiting any Cavachon dog or puppy, there are important things you should consider. Beautiful colours and brilliant temperaments. My cavachon is now 2 years and is still a trouble maker but is lovable. Although the Cavalier was developed to mimi… Another thing to try is when he bites you, put a toy in his mouth and tell him to bite the toy, not you.

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