Torque twist? Being a TQi unit, you can easily upgrade it for telemetry on the Traxxas Link App. Parts Availability: N/A The UDR hasn’t been on the market long enough for us to get a good read on parts support yet. No, the UDR isn’t hard to work on, but it is harder than a “normal” style of rc truck. You Got It - Traxxas Unlimited…, New performance with classic looks - Project RC4WD…, The Scale Trail Drivers Request Answered - Traxxas…, Three easy-to-create variants of the Pro-Line…. $259.99. What's going on guys today we've got the Traxxas UDR. For it to handle in a scale manner, the suspension had to be fairly soft, and it had to have TONS of wheel travel. A 4-link solid rear axle provides huge suspension travel with authentic driving dynamics. Build Quality: We did not find any issues with the build quality on our test unit. Rear wheel travel: 3.5″!!! In corners, honestly we expected for it to traction roll more. RedCat Racing Everest Gen7 Review. Ready-to-Race® with TQi 2.4GHz Traxxas Link™ Enabled Radio System, Velineon® VXL-6s brushless ESC (fwd/rev), and Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)® This is the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Front High-Voltage Double-Row LED Light Bar with 52 LEDs, measuring 100mm wide.Note: Must be used with Traxxas 6590 High-Voltage Power AmplifierAccessory Part ForUnlimited Desert Racer (UDR) $ 19 95. They went big in size, scale, risk, style, innovation and the list goes on. Workability: C Ummmmm ya, we love scale appearance, but when you start getting super scale looking, compromises have to be made. Toyan FS-L400 Four-cylinder Four-stroke Water Cooled Ni... FTX RC BuzzSaw 1/12 All Terrain Tracked Vehicle. Shop our online store for everything rc crawlers, rc cars, and rc trucks and keep the fun going. Posted by Cubby in Featured Posts, New Products on Friday, April 13th, 2018 at 6:05 pm. This is the unlimited desert racer. Oh, and they wear a long time too. Traxxas, The Fastest Name in Radio Control® is the number-one selling name in Ready-To-Race® nitro and electric RC crawler, cars and trucks. Visit […] The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer broke the RC side of the internet with its release and many have already started saving to get one once it’s released. Search for: More Detail Photos:, NEED TO KNOW: Product: Unlimited Desert Racer By: Traxxas Part Code: 85076-4 Price: $799.95 Link:, Don’t Miss A Thing! Wheelie on demand: If traction allows on 6S Backflip off ramps: No on 4S (did not attempt on 6) Stability Control: Yes, TSM Sound Module: No Self-Righting: No FPV: No Top Speed (measured by BSRC on 4S LiPo): 30 mph Capacity Used In 5 Minutes Runtime (measured by BSRC on 4S LiPo): minutes 1210mAh Street Price: $779. Test Venues: We used two local city parks to put the UDR through the wringer. look for a Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer review, the video below says it all. This was pretty dialed for 4S driving. Those attributes aren’t good for rc handling, but they are a requirement if you are going for a scale feel (and appearance) while driving. Leave a reply Cancel reply. Do not attempt. With the UDR, finding that edge is a LOT more fun. The suspension looks like the suspension on a real Trophy Truck and the body comes with either the Rigid or Fox livery as you see on the real trophy trucks. The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer broke the RC side of the internet with its release and many have already started saving to get one once it’s released. Related Posts:Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Photo OverviewYou Want Innovation? The UDR drives arguably more scale realistically than any truck ever released on the market. Outfitted with 25+ volts of LiPo power and a gnarly set of paddle tires we hit the sands for an epic shredding session with the Unlimited Desert Racer. The UDR uses a very scale suspension/sway-bar set-up to actually drive fairly well, despite its scale tuning. Yes, it’s worth every penny to a hardcore off-road hobbyist. Keep your Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer performing its best with genuine factory, OEM and aftermarket option parts. It will traction roll in corners when you catch an edge or find too much mechanical grip, but most corners can be attacked just like you see on TV. In Stock | C28629GREEN. How is that? On some trucks it is no big deal, but on the UDR it can make a night or day difference. A great example of this is the new Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer. The Unlimited Desert Racer (UDR) is a 1/7 scale baja truck with a solid rear axle and independent front suspension. With cameras mounted inside the cockpit and on the chassis, you can see just about every inch of this truck as it floats over bumps and slashes its way through the sand. No, we didn’t go epic with the UDR, it proved itself durable at “normal” driving levels, but did break some parts when we started abusing it. Driving: This is going to be the easiest to explain “driving” section ever. Your email address will not be published. There’s no doubt that the RC hobby is abuzz with social posts, YouTube videos and more on the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer (UDR).Most of the content we’ve perused praises the new rig for its scale looks, realistic driving dynamics and insane power. From Traxxas: Head NW from Oklahoma City and you’ll encounter a state park known as Little Sahara. For batteries, we drove the UDR on both 4S and 6S. By the way, while not the fastest truck in the sand lot, we had an all new type of fun while driving it. Name * Email * Website. This is the Hot Racing Aluminum Brake Disc Drive Hub for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer. The twelve screws that keep the body secured to the frame can be a bit cumbersome to unscrew. Best Performance Parts for Your Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer. The traxxas unlimited desert racer (UDR) is released for sale Early March, we have known about this truck for a long time. Your email address will not be published. 01/03/2019. So that’s what we did. The features list goes on and luckily Traxxas sent a Unlimited Desert Racer over to us to check out in detail. Greg Vogel March 5, 2018 Reviews, Videos. MODEL 85086-4: Unlimited Desert Racer Pro Scale® 4WD Race Truck, Ready-To-Race® with Traxxas Stability Management®, TQi™ 2.4 GHz radio system, VXL-6s Brushless Power System, LED lighting system, and Licensed Race Replica painted body Traxxas Pro-Scale is a new innovation that captures true-scale realism and combines it with extreme 6s LiPo power and 50+ mph performance. Everything you need to fix, repair, and maintain your RC car is here--bodies, wheels, tires, suspension parts, springs, shocks, chassis, bearings, gears, differential, turnbuckles, slipper clutch, and more. Pro Scale is a new Traxxas innovation that captures true-scale realism and combines it with extreme 6s LiPo power and 50+ mph performance. Oh yes, time for our unboxing of the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer.The Unlimited Desert Racer has been generating all sorts of buzz with its scale realism and various cool features, this is what it looks like to pull one out of the box. Unboxing Mini RC Auto Track Turbo Racing RTR 1/76 2.4G 2WD Vollproportionale Steuerung LED-Licht Lizenzierte Audi Q7 Style Ride On Car mit Fernbedienung, Baby-Spielzeug, 2017 Arduino Fernbedienung für ZenWheels Mikrocar If you are into the 4wd off-road scene, the UDR absolutely belongs in your rc garage. From the cantilever sway bars and high-voltage lighting system to the GTR shocks, Traxxas accurately reproduced a true desert racer in both form and function. Time To Bash: B No, it didn’t take long for us to get the UDR up and running. Especially after watching your video review! MODEL 85076-4: Unlimited Desert Racer Pro-Scale™ 4WD Race Truck, Ready-To-Race®with Traxxas Stability Management®, with TQi™ 2.4GHz Radio System, VXL-6s Brushless Power System, and Licensed Race Replica painted body Radio: The included TQi did its job without error during our test period. Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer. We found that driving the UDR on 4S was optimal. US$36.34 US$54.51 33% Off L&R CNC Alloy Suspension Upper Arm Kit For Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer UDR Rc Car Parts 0 review COD US$22.93 US$29.23 22% Off Traxxas 1/7 Unlimited Desert Racer 45# Steel Fixed Bold Front Drive Shaft Rc Car Parts 4 reviews COD Will you ever want to bolt in more power? When you push the UDR with your hand, you notice it has more drag than most trucks. Home » LiPo Batteries for Traxxas » Unlimited Desert Racer . This is because of the uber gear reduction rear axle, you can feel more drag when pushing it. This is the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer "Rigid Industries" Style UDR 6S RTR 4WD Electric Race Truck, along with TQi 2.4GHz Radio & LED Lights is Race Truck is a true to scale 4-wheel drive desert race truck. The Traxxas UDR was designed for incredible scale looks on the outside, plus all of its suspension settings were made to give the truck a realistic look, and feel, while driving. No, it doesn’t handle perfectly, it handles scale. The looks, the scale driving experience, the fact you can sit it on your mantel and just stare at it all day without tiring. You Got It - Traxxas Unlimited…Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer ReviewNew Accessories for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert RacerPro-Line HeatWave 1967 Ford F-100 Race Truck body for UDRJeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Clear Body for TRX-4 85086-4 - Unlimited Desert Racer®: 4WD Electric Race Truck. A = Outstanding/Best in Class, B = Above Average, C = Average, D = Below Average, F = Horrific. Go in hard, pound the brake, and mash the gas at the apex. By the way, the scale style battery tray worked just fine for us, even after hard bashing. The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer features a Large Pro-Scale™Body with Highly Detailed Replica Parts Heavy-duty truck body mounts to chassis in multiple locations Strong and functional tube frame mimics full-size off-road racers I am so stoked! The 4-link solid rear axle design provides huge suspension travel with authentic driving dynamics. Fun Factor: B This one depends a lot on YOU. The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer broke the RC side of the internet with its release and many have already started saving to get one once it’s released. You’ll need to pick up 4 to 6S worth of LiPo power, four AA batteries for the transmitter, and a battery charger. OK, to be honest, when we popped in 6S, it felt like the truck went from a “normal” scale speed, to basically bolting 5,000 horsepower into Jenkin’s personal 4wd race truck. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer 4X4 RC Race Truck, White, Orange at Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer (UDR) Review. Traxxas iD 2S 7600 and 3S 5000 packs did a great job of fitting properly and putting out plenty of power. Well, every truck needs a good manual, plus, the guy that wrote that stuff probably rarely gets a pat on the back. Heck, it is even cool to watch being driven by another person! What about the stock gearing? The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer faithfully captures the look and feel of Trophy Trucks and Unlimited Trick Trucks as they charge hard across the desert at full speed. Yup, that is a real spare driveshaft stowed away on the back of the truck, nice touch! DRIVING REALISM The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is engineered on an authentic, true to scale 4-wheel drive desert race … WOW, Traxxas really crushed it with this bad boy. But then, we could post that about a couple dozen different small details from all over the truck. It was something really new, nothing drives as scale as it does, and we really enjoyed that. Set-up Notes: Stock, stock, and more stock, we didn’t even alter ride-height. I just purchased the TRAXXAS “Unlimited Desert Racer” online today and it will be here on Saturday the 12th. With limited access to an actual desert, we headed to the Kent coast to test the truck on the beach! If you are looking for the most scale realistic driving experience possible, the UDR is the ultimate truck for you. Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Review Over the last half decade we’ve seen scale realism go from taking a backseat to performance, to becoming the number 1 thing that consumers demand. The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer has a fixed, one-piece body, which can be taken off with relative ease. Well, you can keep driving a normal rc truck until you find its edge. If you are looking for state-of-the-art rc driving, Traxxas has a whole bunch of other trucks for you. Seriously, the UDR is instantly one of the best looking trucks of all time, and it does it in a perfectly scale manner. Now this thing is rated for up to 50 miles an hour out of the box. However, it is a Traxxas, and they are well known for hobby shop owners stocking a lot of their parts. With most of our driving on 4S, we found the power system had nice yank right off the bottom, had a brief but powerful mid-range, then the top end pulled like crazy until it ran out of gearing. And maybe even better than that, it is just really cool. The Unlimited Desert Racer is a ground up new machine from the big TRX and in their typical fashion, they went big… literally. With that said, the truck had numerous bad landings, various cub taps at speed etc, without much breakage. Broken Parts: Go big or go home right?

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