These items will differ depending on the assignment. Studyclix makes exam revision and study easier. Question 5. ������EP���G�X�؃�U�7J (40) (b) In the case of a third text show how a key moment helped in your understanding of the same theme or issue discussed in part (a). Junior Cert. EASTER REVISION COURSES NOTE: These courses are built on the fact that there are certain predicable trends that reappear over and over again in the State Examinations. Included in this is your ability to structure your answer and your introduction is an important part of your answer structure. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> It is an introduction to the topic/issue/theme. It contains lots of ideas about setting that are both relevant to Literary Genre but also Cultural Context.It also uses comparative links and shows you how to discuss the three texts simultaneously. Several things should be noted: • Comparative terminology is essential – linking phrases. The marker thus is shown why you are choosing this paragraph topic to answer the question; you are explaining how this paragraph topic, the definition of the theme, provides interesting comparisons. You are thus always going to be comparing your three texts, using one of three modes of comparison to do so. This particular part is the context where you group the two things you are about to compare. 3. An example can be seen when continuing with the question mentioned above, if we use the first paragraph to focus on how differently a theme is defined in the three texts mentioned. There's a new sample answer online that I've just completed.It's longer than your average answer and less exam focused. Ethics Case Study – 1; Ethics Case Study – 2; Ethics Case Study – 3; Ethics Case Study – 4; Ethics Case Study – 5; Ethics Case Study – 6 stream The marker is thus shown that this paragraph will serve the same function as the last, and thus links your paragraphs, turning them into one answer, rather than separate paragraphs. So what are the modes on which you will have to compare your texts under using such a structure? Comparative | Theme or Issue Comparative | Sample answer: Theme or Issue ‘There are many reasons why the exploration of the same theme or issue can be more entertaining in some texts than in others’ (2017) A theme, in regard to literature, is a central concept intertwined throughout the text and The theme is ... You are only required to talk about one of these aspects of story in your comparative answer. Gerring forces us to rethink the logic of conventional comparative case study research by presenting the methodo-logical elements of the single-outcome study from three analytical angles: nested, most-similar and within-case analysis. A comparative essay asks that you compare at least two (possibly more) items. %PDF-1.3 Following the main body, all that is needed to complete your answer is the Conclusion. The function of the conclusion is to sum up what has been said. A suitable introduction would contain something such as: ‘The three texts I am studying are the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (CI) by Mark Haddon, the drama Philadelphia Here I Come by Brian Friel and the novel Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. (30) (b) Compare the viewpoint on the same theme in your other two texts. A comparative essay is an academic essay that requires students to create a comprehensive and precise comparative report about two things. This study is often conducted to have clarity on any subject, or for taking a decision and avoiding confusion. Discuss.’. Introduction to Comparative Study The comparative study question asks you to compare and contrast two texts under one of the three modes of comparison. After introducing the paragraph topic to compare your three texts under and explain how it can do so, you then compare your texts. The markers look for you to make eight comparisons or more in your comparative answer. Here you should mention: Such a conclusion for the answer we have been looking at would be: ‘As said, exploring a theme raises interesting comparisons. Any good introduction to a piece should tell its reader what it is about, and hence you should always place the following in the introduction to your comparative answer, to introduce your answer, in which you will compare your texts: We see an example of this in the following question: ‘Exploring a theme or issue raises interesting comparisons. As seen, even though different texts and different views of the theme are mentioned, they are all linked through the linking phrases, meaning that everything mentioned is essential to the answer; thus the paragraph is consistently answering the question and completing the task, to compare your three texts under a comparative mode. 2013. ‘Changes in form inevitably lead to different perspectives on the same issues.’ Discuss this statement in relation to your prescribed texts. Regardless of the mode of comparison, the emphasis is always on you to compare your three texts (either to show the similarities/ differences between them). This file contains seven sample introductions, four for Theme and Issue and three for Literary Genre essays. The three texts show how escape can be viewed not only positively, but negatively also.’. Like linking phrases were used above to link different texts, they can be used in the same way to link different paragraphs. How does Tony put Eilish at ease in the early stages of their relationship and how does she respond to this in general? buy essay online cheap case study the fashion channel; ... Home >> Uncategorized >> Sample comparative essay theme or issue. - Relationship Between an Individual and Society. read more. Theme Ideas Example from Novel References A) Romance 1) Romeo & … sample comparative essay theme or issue click to continue Essay college examples argumentative maryland of southern the rest of your paper may be anticlimactic, the welfare system was created to help poor men. Similarly, PHIC portrays escape as necessary. CI differs from HF and PHIC in that escape is defined as selfish. It can help the researcher to ascend from the initial level of exploratory case studies to a more advanced level of general theoretical models, invariances , such as causality or evolution . Comparing your three texts involves another quality needed; Coherence of Delivery. For example, if we began a new paragraph for the question we have been answering, something such as so would suit: ‘Like the theme being defined differently or similarly, presenting the theme humorously or tragically raises interesting comparisons, as seen in the three texts I studied.’. As with all answers on the Leaving Certificate English exam(s), your answer must contain the four qualities of Clarity of Purpose, Efficiency of Language use, Coherence of Delivery and Accuracy of Mechanics. 9 Access to a free supervised study room. CXC ENGLISH A SBA PLAN OF INVESTIGATION (5 MARKS) This is an individual task that is worth 5 marks . (40) This file contains seven sample introductions, four for Theme and Issue and three for Literary Genre essays. The comparative modes for the exam in June 2014 are: General Vision and Viewpoint Theme Cultural Context You need to know your comparative text well, but not in the same level of detail as your Linking phrases also serve another function in your answer, to link your different paragraphs. This quality involves you completing the set task, which as mentioned above is to compare your texts under a mode of comparison. The marker looks for your answer to consistently answer the question without disruption or interruption, hence when you are swapping from text to text you have to link them so that everything you mention answers the question. Chris’ mother is selfish in that she leaves not only her disabled son as she cannot cope with the demands of raising him, but also leaves her husband to raise Chris alone, which we see him struggling to do throughout the text.’. A suitable way of comparing your three texts with each paragraph topic is to contain the threefold method where you introduce each paragraph topic, explain how it compares your three texts, and then compare your three texts under the paragraph topic. Firstly, what must be introduced is the paragraph topic that is being used to answer the question: ‘As said, exploring a theme or issue raises interesting comparisons, and this is seen when viewing how differently or similarly the theme of escape is defined in the three texts I have studied.’. important themes or issues which are developed in the text as a whole.” (a) Compare how key moments of two texts you have studied in your comparative course raised an important theme or issue. Higher Level Exam Questions. added by ciara.c.maher — Comparative - Cultural Context Comparative - Literary genre (2020) Comparative - Theme or Issue Comparative - Vision & Viewpoint (2021) read more Sometimes it can be difficult to continously link your arguments within a comparative answer. Check out this sample answer to the 2017 Theme/Issue Comparative question annotated by … (30) OR 2. Looking at questions on the section from last year’s paper shows this: ‘Important themes are often expressed in key moments in texts.’, ‘The main characters in texts are often in conflict with the world or culture they inhabit.’. A comparative essay is an organized written material that is meant to provide a comparison that should be easily understood by the target readers. 9 Comprehensive study notes. These are essentially the headings under which you compare your three texts. Each will apply in some form or other to any three texts you select, although of course you must be aware of precisely what aspects of the theme your texts explore.

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